Data Transfer for Sports

This document sets out the general shape of data requirements and potential delivery mechanisms for sports operators


Data Requirements

This document sets out the general shape of data requirements and potential delivery mechanisms, however, is not intended to be prescriptive or exhaustive. If you have any questions, please get in touch. 

What we really require

  • Bet type reference
  • creationDate
  • Customer ID
  • Bet ID
  • isCancelled
  • isCashedOut
  • isConfirmed
  • isPoolBet
  • isSettled
  • leg (array):
    • handicap:
      • handicapTypeRef
      • high
      • low
      • index
      • legParts (array):
        • eventRef
        • isInRunning
        • marketRef
        • OutcomeRef
        • Odds (decimal/fraction)
        • Sport ID
        • Competition ID
        • Country
      • places
    • Number of selections
    • Combi ID – the Id of the initial ticket that was used to generate the combi bet
    • result
  • payout:
    • potential
    • refunds
    • Winnings
    • tax
  • placedAt
  • settledAt
  • stake:
    • amount
    • currencyRef
    • freeBet
    • StakePerLine
    • Bonus
      • Bonus ID
      • Bonus Value
    • Status (active, cancelled, void, settled etc)

Transmission Mechanism

Future Anthem’s highly secure and highly scalable data platform is hosted in Microsoft Azure. For initial transmission, data can be uploaded directly to Future Anthem’s secure data landing zone in Microsoft Azure, which is write-only and private to you. Uploads are done via API (see our documentation here), Azure Storage Explorer, AZCOPY command line package or SFTP.

  • Typically we can receive data in whatever format it comes from your system (JSON, CSV, etc.) 
  • We can deal with most compression types. 

Your data is safe with us

Our data management platform is developed and hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud, where we store the data you provide to us. Anthemetrics processes no sensitive customer data – only transactions and player IDs. 

No data will be hosted or processed on anyone's premises, but rather in Microsoft's European Azure servers, utilizing all of Azure's security capabilities. All data analysis and building of algorithms are carried out by Future Anthem personnel within the same Azure environment. Our data platform segregates client data, which means your data is never combined with any other client data 

A grade security

While we build our own AI models for your needs, we employ Microsoft’s own AI to detect and block risky behaviour. We enforce a Multi-factor authentication policy to keep all your data safe and secure. Future Anthem technology stack utilizes the Microsoft Azure platform not only for its ability to easily scale and its ultra-high dependency but also for its dedication to security. Anthem currently achieves an A grade in security with improvements constantly ongoing.


Simple Integration Steps


Review & Scheduling 

  • Client to review this (data request) document and respond with any questions or clarifications needed 

  • Scheduling of regular meetings with data teams — scheduling the first meeting as quickly as possible 


Integration Meeting 

  • Discussion topics 

  • Client data infrastructure and schema 

  • Realtime vs daily batch (depending on client abilities, products purchased) 

  • Security of data 

  • Sample and historic data transfer mechanism 


Data Sampling

  • The client shares a data sample (typically one day) 

  • Anthem reviews and comes back with any questions 


Data Transfer 

  • Once data is agreed, the client transfers a recent historic export (6 months preferable, 3 months minimum) 

  • Anthem reviews data and compiles a final set of questions 

  • Daily/real-time connection is created and tested 


Live Release 

  • Creation of Anthem products 

  • Models trained on client data and prototypes created 

  • Product released